My Album: “A Journey”

This album is a cross section of my experiences – little glimpses into the gut responses I had to what life brought me. The songs seem to mysteriously apply to multitudes of people who, like me have tripped on their own words and regretted what they said, or found themselves waking up in a hospital, or felt the sweet nostalgia of walking by their childhood home, the intense pain of losing a loved one or the deep stirring in the heart to know and love Jesus. These experiences can’t be explained with mere words for me. Music helps me express these things and allows me to be grateful for even the painful stuff and to be able to move on and look forward to my heavenly home. Mary Loeffelbein

Preview songs from “A Journey” to the right.

Check out The Story of the creation of the album for a deeper look at how “A Journey” came to be.

Mary’s first solo album is classified as “Contemporary Christian Folk.” It features 11 songs with a total running time of 38:34. It is available for physical purchase as well as digital download. Check out Where to Buy for more information.

If you’re interested in seeing Mary live in concert keep an eye on the Tour Dates.

Mary is also pleased to present “enjoy the journey”, a line of custom jewelry made by Rachel’s Originals to accompany the release of “A Journey”.