Worship Team Training

As a worship leader and worship team member for nearly 30 years, Mary shares what she has learned and continues to learn about having the heart of a worshiper and the skills to serve before the King.

Mary offers on-site worship team trainings throughout the state of Washington. Further destinations can also be arranged. Please contact Mary to discuss details.

Worship team workshops:

Biblical perspective trumps your musicianship.
Mary Loeffelbein

Spiritual Training
It is a fine line to walk… being a musician and/or vocalist often places you on the front lines.   This is not performing for an audience, this is worshiping the Creator of audiences and All that IS, seen and unseen.  No matter the years of experience you may have as a performer, you are ill prepared to lead worship or even be on a worship team with a performer perspective. Knowing God’s Word to the worshiper, the leader, the servant are key to being a true worship leader.  This ain’t no concert  :)

This workshop will help you walk that line. Mary offers her insight and training with biblical teaching about servant leadership.

Vocal and Instrumental Skills Training
Mary will work with you/your worship team on vocal and/or instrumental skills, and how to “click” as a team. The format of this class can vary depending on the needs and composition of the team. Classes can be catered towards vocals and operate similar to a Vocal Master Class, helping worship team singers use their voices the way God made them to be, and to increase vocal health and longevity.  Classes can also be aimed at instrumentalists and how to properly align the body for pain-free and long-term performance, as well as how to work effectively as a member of a musical worship team.


Mary also offers a variety of private, on-site workshops focused on musical skills and techniques.